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    About us

    Who we are?

    • Cuswelry is committed to providing customized "photo projection jewelry" of different styles, which are made of high-quality, non-allergenic S925 sterling silver and gilt steel, etc., to present customers with customized gifts full of memories.

    "Story, begins with a gift"

    • Do you want to give a meaningful gift to your loved one? Have you ever tried to give a gift but have no idea? Our store is committed to providing "customized, high-quality, unique and unforgettable" photo projection jewelry, allowing you Make special moments for special people.

    "Jewelry, not just jewelry"

    • We hope that through the photo projection jewelry in our store, your emotions can be entrusted, and important people and moments will be kept in your heart.

    Hong Kong Business Registration Certificate: 41307409

    Instagram: Cuswelry

    Facebook: Cuswelry

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