Order Guide (Three Steps)

First step - Choose a Style
Choose the style of your custom necklace or bracelet.

Second step - Upload Photo
Click the "Upload your photo" button to upload a photo that you want to store permanently in the necklace or bracelet . You can adjust the size of the photo by yourself, and the photo will be adjusted to a circle.

Photo Requirements:
- A clear photo (Combined photo is not recommended)
- Center the portrait/pet in the photo
- Portrait keeps distance from circle border
- Portrait should not be scaled too small/large (too small may result in lost details)
- Text in the photo is not recommended (During projection, the photo and text will appear mirrored horizontally.)

Correct Example:
✔Portrait centered
✔The distance between the portrait and the circle border
✔Clear and bright photos

Wrong Example:
✘The portrait is too close to the circle border (the border will be relatively blurred), which will affect the projection effect
✘The portrait is not centered
✘Low resolution

Third step - Payment
Please review the previewed photo to ensure it meets your expectations, then add it to the shopping cart for payment.

To order more than one piece of jewelry:
For multiple orders, simply repeat the above steps, add the items to your shopping cart, and proceed to checkout for payment.

If you have any doubts, please email us: cuswelry.co@gmail.com