What is projection necklaces?

The projection necklace is the highly unique and special jewelry that consists of a specially designed glass lens and an image created using nanotechnology. Through the use of nanotechnology, the image is reduced to a very small size (approximately 3mm) and then embedded within the glass lens.

When a light source, such as a mobile phone's flashlight, is directed into the glass lens, in an appropriately dim environment, the light passes through the lens, magnifying and projecting the image onto a flat surface, much like a projector. Even when viewed with the naked eye or through a mobile phone's lens, the surprising image inside the glass lens can be seen.

Creating a projection necklace is a complex process that requires the use of top-of-the-line micro-engraving machines to achieve high-resolution images. Additionally, it requires the expertise of an experienced individual to properly set all the parameters, ensuring accurate color, brightness, and composition. When applying the picture film to the lens, great care must be taken to prevent any adhesive from spreading onto the lens and causing image blurring. Attention to detail is crucial.

Overall, a projection necklace is an exceptionally special and unique choice of gift, allowing you to engrave significant memories onto the necklace and convey your eternal love and gratitude to important individuals.

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